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FREE Comparative Market Analysis for Clawson MI Sellers

How Much Is Your Clawson MI Home Worth?

Are you considering selling Clawson real estate?  Wondering what the current homes for sale in your area are selling for?  When it comes time to selling a home in today's marketplace there is nothing more important than pricing your Clawson MI home appropriately. 

To assist you in determining the correct asking price, the Lang Premier Properties staff will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) of comparable properties sold and currently offered for sale in your neighborhood.  We know how to price your Clawson property to make sure it sells for top dollar and as quickly as possible. 

Complete the Home Evaluation form completely and as accurate as possible.

It is important to have a local expert assist you in determining today’s value of your Clawson home.  Here at Lang Premier Properties we understand the local real estate market conditions as we specialize in selling homes in Oakland County MI.

It is vital to keep in mind that a Comparative Market Analysis is based upon the most recent data and is an estimate of your home’s value.  While your local Realtor is highly trained at creating a market analysis, the true value of your Clawson MI home is determined by what the market will bare and what a home buyer is willing to pay.

To provide a more detailed and accurate Comparative Market Analysis of your Clawson real estate, we would be more than happy to meet and assess your listing in person.  Contact Lang Premier Properties today to schedule an appointment.


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